Architect Prince Kumar’s journey from completing his architectural degree to establishing Manthann Dezin Project Private Limited is inspiring. His experience spans diverse projects like the Delhi Metro depot, hotels, bars, and housing, enriching his expertise. With a vision to impact architectural society, he began his entrepreneurial journey in Delhi NCR, expanding across North India. Initially offering consulting, the company excelled in challenging projects. To enhance client service, they ventured into Design and Build, maintaining quality control.



Prince Kumar’s ambition led to diversification with “Bench,” a furniture manufacturing company, reducing dependency on external suppliers. Under his leadership, the firm thrived as a multifaceted entity offering comprehensive architectural solutions. Their innovation, challenging projects, and prompt deliveries earned them trust and influence in the field. Prince Kumar’s influence extends beyond business. Actively contributing to the architectural society through workshops and seminars, he inspires budding architects to pursue excellence.



As a visionary leader, he sets benchmarks in design, execution, and innovation. His dedication to excellence and pushing architectural boundaries earns him respect in the industry, inspiring the next generation. With a passion for design, commitment to quality, and focus on client satisfaction, Prince Kumar leaves an indelible mark, creating spaces that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.